In today’s rapidly changing telecommunication environment, it is important for companies and organisations in various sectors to form a robust, secure, flexible, and scalable fibre network to remain profitable and competitive. At Salumanus Ltd, we offer our partners quality customer services and professional expertise in setting up secure and reliable corporate networks. Our professional network engineers can offer technical support for your business at every stage of the network design and implementation process, from products selection to switches configuration.

Our services and solutions allow businesses of every size and in every sector to create or upgrade corporate networks that respond to three main concerns — security, flexibility and capacity.  

Secure networks

Many people believe that fibre-based networks are much safer than copper-based ones because they do not radiate, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Recent research has shown that optical fibres can still be tapped easily, posing real threats on data security for corporate networks in various sectors. To protect your sensitive data from cyberattacks, encryption can help.

In safety-critical industries such as healthcare and financial sectors, data security is crucial. Take the healthcare sector as an example. Since healthcare organisations need instant access to patients’ data to save lives, in case of a cyberattack, such as ransomware, they tend to pay ransoms to regain control of data. As telehealth services have become commonplace, cloud technologies have been used widely in the healthcare sector, which contributes in making it more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Nowadays, remote working is on the rise, with many companies encouraging their employees to work from home. Remote working can be beneficial for employees, but it might lead to a higher risk of data breach. For instance, if your employees are using an unreliable network, such as an open network at a coffee shop or in other public areas, the data in their devices may be easily compromised. Therefore, it is essential to ensure sensitive corporate data is encrypted.

At Salumanus, we help your security team protect your network and build a reliable fibre connection. An effective solution to provide highly secure fibre optic infrastructure requires cryptographic security of data transmission, a firewall, secure network management protocols and monitoring of optical fibre parameters. Note that it’s also necessary to provide network administrators with both regular and specific information on optical parameters, because their quick degradation may indicate that a fibre is being tapped. Therefore, the security of the first layer is essential for the whole cyber security solution.

We offer solutions for dark fibre, DWDM and OTN Networks. Our layer-1 encryption using at least a 256-bit key, compliance with NIST FIPS 140-2 and NSA Suite B standards and the support of the 1/10/40/100Gb Ethernet, 4/8/16/32G Fibre Channel and OTU2/3/4 protocols. It can encrypt all data transmitted over the fibre, support low latency applications and detect and report fibre tapping. In addition, it boasts transparency and full bandwidth of traffic. More importantly, it can be easily integrated with the existing DWDM and OTN infrastructure and it is compatible with SAN and LAN devices, meaning that it is more cost-effective and easier to deploy.

Flexible networks

It can be time-consuming and exhausting to deal with various optical transceivers and interfaces. Sometimes even after careful consideration, after inserting a transceiver into a switch or router port, the dreaded words “transceiver unsupported” will still appear on the device interface. In order to solve this problem, the technical teams may think about remodelling the entire network system, but this may be very complicated and expensive.

Salumanus offers you the most ideal alternative – our Simple Recode Device (SRD). The SRD can can alter the configuration of optical transceivers to MSA standards for QSFP28/XFP/SFP/SFP+ interfaces and users can set the required wavelength or channel in the XFP/ SFP+ tunable transceivers.  This makes transceivers compatible with almost any network device available on the market, effectively turning them into universal transceivers.

The SRD maximises the flexibility of your network. You can optimise your stock because you won’t need to store a huge number of identical transceivers and you can select the target channel for a given transceivers at any moment.

The SRD also facilitates network upgrades. For example, if you decide to replace all the switches in your network with ones from a different vendor, you won’t need to buy new transceivers to match. Simply reconfigure the ones you already own, and you’re done!

Increasing capacity

Many companies and organisations are now planning for upgrading their networks to 5G to increase the capacity of their network infrastructure, thereby increasing their business scale.

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is a technology that significantly increases the capacity of fibre-optic cables by combining considerable data streams transmitted simultaneously, each on a separate and unique wavelength. It is highly versatile because each channel can transmit a different protocol of different capacity. Additionally, it enables optical amplifiers to regenerate an entire band simultaneously and so that more data can be transmitted over the existing fibres. At Salumanus, we provide the best DWDM solutions tailored for your corporate network infrastructure.

Expand Capacity and Bandwidth

Alongside the advancement of 5G and IoT technologies, the demand for network of higher speed and greater width is growing fast. Accordingly, companies need to build up a faster and broader network so that they can provide quality services for key clients and remain competitive. This can be even more important when your company run out of wavelength in the existing multiplexers or when new and key services can’t be launched on the existing network platform or devices.

If your company has already taken advantage of DWDM technology, our Alien Wavelength technology can help increase its existing capacity. As the name suggests, Alien Wavelength enables companies to connect “alien” devices directly to the DWDM multiplexer to receive extra capacity or deploy encrypted services.

We offer three types of Alien Wavelength solutions: the first one is a muxponder-based solution which allows traffic aggregation of lower throughput to a single lambda of 100G/200G capacity. We also provide a transponder-based solution which enables the use of the existing network for 100GbE/OTU4 transmission with 100G/200G lambdas and an encryption device that can encrypt the necessary transmission in layer 1 and transport it over the existing DWDM infrastructure. Alien Wavelength solutions can be widely applied in the public, financial and telecom sectors. By enhancing spectrum efficiency, alien wavelength solutions can fully release the potential of DWDM networks and facilitate the deployment of new services, as well as secure sensitive data. At Salumanus, we support our partners in building leading telecommunication networks. If you have any new project in mind, just give us a call or email us to schedule an online appointment. We are happy to hear your ideas and help. Find our details here.