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Simple Recode Device

Salumanus’ simple recode device allows users to change the compatibility requirements for products of different vendors, to benefit from the versatility of each transceiver on stock and increase the speed of reaction for the technical or service department.


Optical Transceivers

Advanced solutions and products (for example PAM4, 200G, 400G, coherent) build with the newest know-how and faster availability than in some other well-known vendors.


WDM Solutions

Unique solutions based on
Wide range of products, bigger than the portfolio of some of the well-known vendors.


Alien Wavelength

Alien wavelength is a technology which helps to increase the capacity of existing DWDM networks.


Video Transport Solutions

Increasing fiber utilization and spectral efficiency reduce cost and operation complexity.



It is commonly believed that optical fibres are much safer than copper infrastructure as they do not radiate and, in consequence, are considered to be more resistant to tapping. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Our Company

Salumanus LTD

Salumanus Ltd. is a technology-focused company with headquarters in Manchester. We specialise in advanced data transmission and video transport solutions, including SDI video and IP data transport applications between remote sites. Our main field of activity is the development and deployment of transmission systems used by telecommunication companies, data centres, and Internet Service Providers (ISP).


Universal transceiver

Universal transceiver

Simply, we will help you become more “vendor independent”.

Try & Buy Option

Test offer Try&Buy

Try & Buy means that Salumanus’ clients buy risk-free.

Engineering / Technical Support

Technical support

Professional support to solve technical problems quickly and remotely.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty options

We deliver products that we trust, and with a very long-term warranty.

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing

All products are tested in Salumanus’ modern optical networks lab, where we can simulate client’s networks and transmission on distances of over >br/>1,000 km.



When it comes to copper or fibre networks and infrastructure, we know how to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Do you have a new idea or project in mind? Call or e-mail us to schedule an online appointment with Salumanus Ltd. Our representative will contact you promptly to discuss your enquiry.






System Integrators


Products & Solutions

WDM Solutions


Passive Elements


WDM Solutions


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